About MABA

The phrase MABA means Modern Art by Amber. MABA is an on going project that started in 2019 by artist, footwear designer and illustrator Amber Rose Olivier. The MABA project started as a way to support the digital art movement, by creating recognizable statement artworks. Art that would be both easy to digest but have a joyful and eye catching effect on its audience. A way to get people to notice digital art, to appreciate it for what the subject presents to them, rather than the prejudice surrounding media type. 

The MABA collection instinctively embodies two main attributes color and communication. These traits found in all the artworks are balanced and simplified, while an iconic reference is meant to spark a sense of familiarity and joy. The main goal being for the viewer or collector to be satisfied positively and be able to find a piece or many pieces within the collection that they instinctively feel drawn towards.